All Nighter

All Nighter

I was thinking about the best way to spend the night, when the husband is out of town and the baby is finally asleep, after 90 minutes of negotiation. I think my relationship with work has always been lop-sided. Of late, the writing bug seems to have permanently found its place in my Oesophagus (there I go again, trying to show off with a new word, in the middle of nowhere). I seem unable to breathe without thinking about plots, characters and line-endings. I have the mysterious V to thank for this great attention to detail, which I seemingly never had. I will tell you about her later.

Back to the problem at hand, a pile of technical books are staring me in the face, as the creative commas do their dance around my brain. Added to this, I have made a new friend, whose friendship has cost me with the comeuppance of aforementioned commas. So tonight, after wasting an entire eighteen hour day, thinking about only plots, stories and characters, art-directing some art-age we are creating, I spent the better part of my night with what I should have spent the livelong day, my books! A nerd’s life is just super glam. Writing, unlike sport, requires sitting… something I have come to really be weary of, in my adult life. But here goes, to nothing… there are always those all-nighters to pull one out of their temporary mind-spin.

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