Someone smarter than me demarcated her life as 'BC-AD: Before Children and After Diapers'. To borrow from her: Before Children I was a jobbing Engineer, moonlighting as an athlete. I wrote a book during this great transition, which found its way to an adaptation market at the Mumbai Film Festival, setting me off on my new adventure. 

After changing a few Diapers, a script for a TV Pilot I wrote made it to the final round at the Sundance Episodic Labs and a feature script found its way to the last round at Rotterdam. I also made my first short-film six months post-partum and a few others since. I think that renders me a writer-director making a beeline towards my first feature-length film.

A great director once said that performance is a circle. I believe the same sentiment has been reflected by many others outside the performance arts, as one can only recognize their humanity in the humanity of another.   


Post-pandemic (are we there yet), I have also ventured into standup comedy to equalize the great disparities of being a migrant working mom. I continue to be a jobbing Engineer (with far fewer jobs) because pondering beam-splitters once in a while seems to keep me grounded.