• anuvaidyanathan

Freedom is a funny word

I watched 'Becoming Halston' today and wondered at the sheer waste of talent in what is essentially a five-part mini-series about the problems of a privileged set of fabulous artists. The most dramatic point is probably a leaking roof in the palace of Versailles, during a fashion face-off between the then-greats, Oscar (de la renta), Halston and some others that are repeated over and over and yet unmemorable. The clothes are beautiful, but mostly red. Their problems are predictable, snorting and parting. The photography stands out but the story itself made me wonder about the magic potion called 'IP' that commissioners are so attached to... as-if the writing of the screenplay mattered less? In this moment (copyright Netflix) Halston seems to have discovered tie-and-dye and me, my own confidence in writing better than this. In any case, 'freedom' is an overused word in this series and it made me think about how that is a funny one. I feel I could almost use more constraints on a day-to-day basis to keep me honest.

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